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    Naughti Nikki - The Real Girlfriend Experiecne

    What is the real girlfriend experience?
    I believe the time we spend together is truly ours to explore one anothers bodies and minds. To unwind and unplug from the daily stresses of life.
    I want to be the highlight of your whole month. The GFE is beyond a checklist of acronyms (don't worry they are still there!).
    It's authenticity. I genuinely want you and I both to have an amazing time.

  • About Me

    Well hello there, my dear!

    I’m Nikki, and I couldn’t be more excited that you’re here! I’m a warm, fun-loving,
    adventurous, all-American woman. My easygoing attitude coupled with my love for connection
    makes being with me just like being with a familiar lover. I have a real knack for helping people
    relax and feel at home. I’ve been told that my soft brown eyes and warm smile help to soften
    even the steeliest of nerves. You’d do well to find out for yourself, though!

    Whether we’re meeting for the first time or the fiftieth, I’m passionate about connecting with you.
    I’m a firm believer that relationships are akin to fine wine, champagne, or freshly picked herb-
    all of these things become deeper, tastier, and more complex with age. Cultivating our relationship,
    discovering what makes you tick, and being able to ignite your passions is truly what I live for.

    Let me be the woman you can’t wait to see again; the one you make plans with and can’t stop thinking about.
    Stop putting off true enjoyment and start spending time with someone who’s excited by you, your desires,
    fantasies, and needs (not to mention someone who’s damn good at fulfilling those things too)!

    I know that while attraction and connection are certainly cerebral and emotional,
    the visual and physical certainly helps. I’m a towering 5’4” with a toned body that’s still soft, supple,
    and sensuously curvy. Whether draped in lace, denim, cotton, or satin, your hands are sure to fit perfectly
    no matter where they rest. Top all that off with sunkissed chestnut hair and kind brown eyes that
    light up when I smile; well- you’ll just have to keep exploring to see more!

    So- are you ready to start planning our escape? Let’s make sure we’re a great fit for one another.
    Chemistry is, after-all, a two-way street with brains and attitude taking center stage.
    I identify as bi/pansexual. If you're familiar with Kinsey, I’m somewhere right around the middle of his scale.
    I love seeing folks of all different genders and absolutely adore women and couples. I’m most drawn to folks
    who have interesting, full, and inviting lives. Are you kind with a killer sense of humor? Are you willing
    to step outside of your comfort zone so we can craft an experience that neither of us is soon to forget?

    If you are, I don’t know why we haven’t met yet because we’d make one hell of a match!
    If you decide to make that leap and get in touch with me (I’m not sure why you wouldn’t at this point),
    I’ll get back to you ASAP and we can start planning our escapade.

    In the meantime in-between time, enjoy the rest of my digital corner of the internet.

    I can’t wait to meet you!

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